Tuesday 23 April 2013

Romanian Skinless Sausages

Handmade Romanian Skinless Sausages

We sometimes go the Farmer’s Market in Hill St, Wellington on a Saturday morning. It is held in the car park of St Paul’s Cathedral. This is good place to get the week’s vegies. Down the end of the market is a stall that sells sausages. These are Romanian and skinless. They cook them over a barbecue and will make you a burger, or you can buy 5 for $10, and take them home to cook. I took my sausages home.

I asked the guys doing the cooking about the sausages. They were not very forthcoming - was I a competitor trying to steal their families’ intellectual property? They did say the recipe was over 200 years old and was a family tradition. The sausages have pepper and pimento to enhance the flavour, the other spices used are a closely guarded secret.

The sausages are low in fat and shrivel as they cook. They taste good. The taste is quite mild. If I had a blind tasting I may think I was being offered kofta. The minced meat needed to be handled delicately during the cooking process, they firmed up as they cooked. I would purchase these again. The guys cooking the sausages say they are best cooked over charcoal, rather than the gas barbecue they were using. All sausages are improved by a bit of smoky charcoal.
Cost per kilo: Unknown, however 5 suasages are $10


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