Sunday 20 March 2016

Sausage Holiday Snaps from Berlin

Sausage Holiday Snaps from Berlin

A mate is currently in Berlin. Here is a copy of a Facebook post he made.

Late last night I was introduced to an important part of Berlin culture – currywurst from a food truck. In Asian cities like Singapore, Penang and Seoul, street food is an art form. When I was a young man living in Christchurch and out drinking (and driving) on weekends, it was traditional to stop at a tiny hole in the wall burger joint in Colombo Street just north of Gloucester Street for burgers and crinkle cuts chips. In Berlin the preferred late night post drinking nosh is currywurst. A sausage – veal or pork – is cooked and cut up with a sauce (made from tomato sauce, onion and paprika and curry powder) with a heavy handed shake of curry powder on top. I had a small taste, just to be sociable, and actually it’s not bad at all. The whole business is taken so seriously that there is a currywurst museum right here in Berlin.

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