Sunday 29 July 2012

Welcome to Don’s Sausage Blog

I am a carnivore loving eater of meat. In particular I am very fond of sausages. This blog will give my views on sausages. I am based in Wellington, New Zealand. This blog will be Wellington centric, and the sausages reviewed will reflect this.

Some people deal drugs. I have been a sausage dealer. A long time ago decent sausages where hard to obtain. I used to get them freighted from the Blackball Salami Company. My biggest order was for 50kg. I then sold these sausages to friends. I had no problem moving the sausages. My business acumen could be questioned, I sold them at cost and did not have a percentage mark up. As time as past, some shops in Wellington now have a wide array of sausages.

Enjoy the sausage eating.