Tuesday 28 July 2015

Black Pudding - Akaroa Butchery and Deli

Black Pudding – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

I also purchased some black pudding from the butcher’s shop in Akaroa, see the previous post. After I had selected the pudding, I enquired about it – the butcher told me they did not make it themselves, they sourced it from Peter Timbs in Christchurch.

This black pudding was cooked in a pan. I cut it lengthways before cooking. The ratio of chucky bits to finely ground filling is firmly in favour of the finely ground filling. Pieces of maize can be seen, along with other larger pieces.

Once cooked this sausage did not hold together. This sausage was a plain black pudding. If you are looking to try black pudding for the first time, this could be the one for you, it has a plain taste, with a small amount of pepper. This is a black pudding for the masses, if you are after a pudding that has a stronger or more complex flavour then look elsewhere.

I would not purchase this again as there are plenty of better examples of black pudding that are able to be purchased.

Monday 27 July 2015

Pork Chorizo Sausage – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

Pork Chorizo Sausage – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

You won’t be surprised that while I was in Akaroa recently that I sought out the local butcher. A small variety of sausages were on display so I selected the chorizo and a black pudding.

The chorizo was cooked up once we got back to Wellington. The sausages lost a little shape in their journey to the North Island - being inside a carry-on bag on the plane meant that the tubes were a little squashed. During the cooking there was a small amount of oozing from the casing and a little bit of moisture also came out - this was a watery fat. Once they came out of the pan to rest, a large amount of watery fat oozed out.

These are a coarsely ground sausage but once cooked they are soft and malleable. The primary taste in the mouth is one of paprika. It is a moderate strength and does not overpower the meat. These chorizo are nice to eat but not fantastic. The whanau liked these sausages and they will appeal to people who are looking to eat a chorizo that is in the middle of the pack.

I would buy these again.

Monday 20 July 2015

Arobake - A business worthy of your support

Arobake - A business worthy of your support

We regularly purchase bread from Arobake in the Aro Valley. This is quality bread that is appreciated by the household. It is a little complicated but my wife had an incident outside the shop after the purchasing some bread on Friday.

Arobake have been fantastic over a matter not of their making.

This is a great small bakery that is worthy of on going support. If you are in Aro Valley I would recommend you stop for a coffee, pastry or bread from this fine bakery.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Roots Restaurant: Fantastic Food – But where were the snarlers?

Roots Restaurant: Fantastic Food – But where were the snarlers?

My wife and I had a small break in the South Island. The coldest spell of the year arrived a day or two before us. Snow and ice to sea level across most of the island. We had intended to go the Aoraki/Mt Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand, however the weather meant the roads may not have been open, so we opted to go to Hanmer Springs and Akaroa instead.
We started with a night in Christchurch. Roots Restaurant in Lyttleton has just been awarded Restaurant of Year by Cuisine magazine so we thought we should check this out. Roots is a small restaurant that aims use locally sourced seasonal produce to produce a menu that changes daily. It is an open restaurant where the kitchen can be observed from the dining room. 

On the cold night we dined there were five groups eating. Roots offers a degustation menu. We had the eight courses with matching wines. The meal was simply the best restaurant meal we have experienced in a very, very long time.

The tableware changed with each course. Just as every course was different the plates, like the food, showed the hand of the maker. They complemented and added to this fantastic culinary experience.

My wife’s favourite course was the shitake and oyster mushrooms, with pearl barley and dried egg. Mine was the cauliflower gnocchi, or maybe the venison loin with beetroot, which I also thought was a very impressive dish. Each dish has additional extras to enhance and accompany the food. This added to the complexity on the palate and the enjoyment of the flavours.

These brief descriptions do not do justice to the food. If you want a superb meal you will have to check out Roots yourself.

I had just one question: Where was the course that included an exemplary snarler?

Friday 10 July 2015

Black Pudding - Eastbourne Village Meats

Black Pudding – Eastbourne Village Meats

Recently I purchased a black pudding Eastbourne Village Meats. I do enjoy black and white puddings, but as the whanau say, you just enjoy sausages. I consider that black pudding as a sausage style is much underrated and that many people would enjoy eating this particular variety of sausage if they tried it.


I cut the black pudding lengthwise and cooked it in the frying pan. I do like to be able to see chunks of ingredients in a sausage I eat. You could see lumps of maize and other elements in the sausage. When I tasted the pudding it was mild. The meatiness of the flavour was the initial sensation on the palate; this was then consumed by a mild heat. This black pudding was subtle in taste. It is not as peppery as other black puddings that I enjoy. Much like the beef and the pork and applecider snarlers in the previous reviews this is a black pudding that will be well liked. The flavours are mild and not over powering. I would buy this again.


Saturday 4 July 2015

Desolation Reigns

Desolation Reigns
With high hopes we headed off to the stadium.

The Hurricanes did not control the ball - they knocked it on, lost possession in the tackle and ruck, and were outplayed in the loose by the Highlanders. They dominated possession and territory so they had their chances - a poor kicking display meant eight points were not converted and Julian Savea bombed a try he would score 99% of the time.

So it was with some torpor that we left after the final whistle. Dejected Canes fans - no titles in twenty years, the lows of being a fan of an inconsistent team.

On way home we crossed the Kelburn Viaduct. A group of people were assembled at the edge, just near the abyss. Were they sacrificing a Hurricanes player? Or in their desolation, queuing to jump?

The colour of despair?

The colour of despair?

Tonight the Hurricanes take on the Highlanders in the Super Rugby Final. A creative butcher from Dunedin has made Highlander coloured sausages, see story.

In the twenty years since competition was created the Hurricanes have their best shot at winning their first title. The city is alive with the buzz of finals fever. I will be attending the game, the anticipation is building.

I hope these sausages are the colour of despair, desolation, depression and dejection for Highlander’s fans.