Monday 27 August 2012

And meanwhile my wife just bakes

Need I say more
Kids need food for their lunches, a minimum of 15 biscuits need to be baked each weekend. And a red velvet cake appeared the following day.

Chicken Sausages

Chicken Sausages Cameron Harrison Butchers

These are nice sausages. They are small. One of the issues with a good chicken sausage is; does it taste of chicken? These do, they have thyme added to create a flavour that is subtle. They are good, however you can get a better chicken sausage in Wellington. I would prefer the sausage to have a greater chicken taste.

One of the great judges of sausages are my kids. They like these sausages.

Cost: $19.99 per kg

Cameron Harrison is a chain of butchers stores, based in Tawa, Ngaio and Kelburn. They make a wide range of sausages. I like their salamis.

I think I may have created sausage snobs out of my kids. The good news is they do not like sizzlers, that product that is not allowed to be called a sausage. They apprecaite a good sausage, at a bbq, they will ask the host questions about the sausage and where it came from. Our friends generally roll their eyes at this point. They do apprecatie a good sasuage, and the good thing is their tastes are different to mine.

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Sausages and Beans

Sausages and Beans

This dish is popular with the family. I use two varieties of sausages. I generally use a sausage that the kids like and another variety that is more highly spiced. Today I used kabonosy and kielbasa. Both sausages come from Park Ave Quality Meats. The sausages have different diameters and lengths. I cut the sausages to different lengths so the person eating them knows what kind they are getting. This means the kids can give me the more highly spiced sausage, they use their fork to put it on my plate. A win-win situation.

The other ingredients in this dish are onion, cannelloni beans, a table spoon  of balsamic vinegar and tinned tomatoes. Easy to cook, the whole family like the dish.

I do not consider I have a career in food photography. Hopefully the quality of the photography will improve as the blog progresses. However I can’t go back and take another photo, the food is gone, and it tasted good, and after all that is what cooking good food is all about.  

Sunday 12 August 2012


Kabonosy  Park Ave Quality Meats

This is a medium texture sausage that is moderately spiced and smoked. My kids love this sausage. It is enjoyed by the whole family. Great for cooking and eating as a sauasge, or for use in sauasge based dishes.

This is one of my of my current favoutites.

Price per kg: $34.99

My favourtie sausage shops

Quality is hard to find. If you want to buy sausages in Wellington here are my favourites.

Park Ave Quality Meats

829 High St, Boulcott, Lower Hutt

These guys are good! This is the best purveyors of suasages in Wellington. They make a wide range of fantastic sausages. There is a Polish influence is in the sausages they make. I will review their range in later blog posts. I have said them they should market their sausages in other outlets. The response was; "We want to control the quality, if we increased the level of production then the quality may suffer." I only discovered this shop when I was working in the Hutt Valley and drove past and saw the sign advertising Polish sausages. It is a gem of a shop that should be more widely known by sausage connoisseurs.

Moore Wilsons

Corner of Tory and College St, Te Aro

Moore Wilson Fresh is an emporium that sells a wide array of sausages. They bring on sausages from makers from a wide area. A good selection of quality sausages. They have fresh single sausages fro sale and also vacuum packaged sausages.

Island Bay Butchery

127 The Parade, Island Bay

One of the first butchers in Wellington to offer a wide range of quality sausages. More cabinet space is devoted to sausages than meat. The sign of a great sausage shop. Friendly staff, always willing to make a bigger order. Watch out for reviews of these sausages.