Thursday 8 January 2015

Elliot's Beach and Italian Banderia

Elliot’s Beach and Italian Banderia


A trip to Elliot’s Beach meant that the boogie boards were used in a reasonably sized surf. The waves were a little uneven and could dump and twist you on occasion, however it was great to be in the surf on a hot day.

The evening meal was again sausages and salads. This time we ate Italian Banderia from Westmere Butchery. This sausage won gold in the Devro NZ Sausage Awards in the Continental Ready to Eat Category. It was also awarded the People’s Choice Award.

I really enjoyed eating this sausage. The pork is balanced with the mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, both can be detected on the palate. The mozzarella is in small lumps in the sausage and they pop in the mouth as you chew the snarler. These sausages are coarsely ground. There are also flecks of red and green in the sausage. I was unsure about what these were, but the key point is that this is a great sausage. I really enjoyed eating it.

When I am next in Westmere Butchery I will be buying this sausage again. I can understand how this sausage received the People's Choice Awards.

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