Friday 2 January 2015

Oke Bay and Sausages

Oke Bay and Sausages

We went to the beach just past Rawhiti, Oke Bay, a short walk over a little hill to a beautiful petite sandy bay. The sea was warm and inviting and I enjoyed the refreshing dip in the ocean. As we headed home I was looking forward to a good feed.

Dinner was similar to last evening, green and potato salad, a smaller selection of sausages and some shredded chicken. We started off with an aperitif of smoked king fish on crackers. This was brought to the house by a friend who had caught the fish earlier in week and had smoked some of the fillets. It was great eating.

The two sausages served tonight were also from Westmere Butchery, a gluten, soy and dairy free (see the previous post re the helpfulness of the butchers re ingredients) pork and lemon, along with the sausage that won the Gold Award in the poultry category at the 2014 Devro NZ Sausage Awards, a chicken peri peri sausage.

The pork and lemon sausage was very popular. The finely ground sausage had a moderate amount of lemon flavour. Being gluten, soy and dairy free it meant all people present could sample it. This is a simple, plain sausage with a hint of lemon to complement the pork flavour. An excellent snarler. Cost per kilo: $15.95

The chicken peri peri sausage was a medium ground sausage. The peri peri flavour complements the chicken, when eaten the flavour intensifies as the components of the spices are absorbed by the taste buds. This is a medium ground spiced sausage. It found favour with those at the dinner table, but as indicated the pork and lemon sausage was preferred. I would buy this sausage again. Cost per kilo: $17.95

The weather, sea, sun and surf continue to make our holiday an enjoyable one.

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