Friday 29 May 2015

Manna from Queenstown

Manna from Queenstown

My wife had a workmate who was heading to Queenstown for a well deserved holiday recently. Her partner is a sausage lover with whom I had shared the odd quality snarler. After a few emails and some manoeuvring I arranged for them to pick up 5kg of pimenton Argentinian chorizo. Last year I gave this sausage the award of the best sausage I had sampled in 2014. Thanks to the guys at Zamora for making these sausages for me. These are one of my favourites, and I was very pleased when the packages arrived.

When I smelt the pimenton it was different to what I had remembered. The aroma was not as strong as I had anticipated, it was more subdued. Not one to muck about I cooked up a batch for the whanau. The aroma became more pronounced as the heat came through in the pan.

The taste of the sausages was just as good as I remembered. They have a soft initial taste and then the complexity and layers of flavour kicked in. The snarlers disappeared rapidly once the whanau heard what was on offer.
If you are ever in Queenstown check out Zamora, it is well worth the visit. Here is a link to last year's review.
And a big thanks to our friends known as the Smarty-Pants for their excellent courier service!

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