Sunday 17 May 2015

Ukrainska Kielbasa - Sausages from the Ukraine

Ukrainska Kielbasa - Sausages from the Ukraine

I was in Park Avenue Quality Meats recently ordering mince to make homemade sausages. While there I purchased some Ukrainian snarlers – Ukrainska Kielbasa, as I am always keen to try a new sausage. They are made with 30% pork and 70% beef. They are a medium to fine grind. They smell nice and taste of smokey garlic. This is another quality sausage from the fine range of European sausages made by the team at Park Avenue. It is a milder garlic flavoured sausage that is meaty and good to eat.

While I was in the shop there was a large slab of meat on the butcher’s block so I enquired about what it was. It was wild venison, sourced from the South Island. When the deer is killed the heart and lungs must also be taken to establish the deer is not carrying any nasty diseases such as Tb. There are only two suppliers of wild venison in the South Island.

Park Avenue Butchers is great place to go for those who seek to eat sausages with a bit of a complexity in flavour or a bit of a kick.

Cost per kilo: $19.95

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