Tuesday 28 July 2015

Black Pudding - Akaroa Butchery and Deli

Black Pudding – Akaroa Butchery and Deli

I also purchased some black pudding from the butcher’s shop in Akaroa, see the previous post. After I had selected the pudding, I enquired about it – the butcher told me they did not make it themselves, they sourced it from Peter Timbs in Christchurch.

This black pudding was cooked in a pan. I cut it lengthways before cooking. The ratio of chucky bits to finely ground filling is firmly in favour of the finely ground filling. Pieces of maize can be seen, along with other larger pieces.

Once cooked this sausage did not hold together. This sausage was a plain black pudding. If you are looking to try black pudding for the first time, this could be the one for you, it has a plain taste, with a small amount of pepper. This is a black pudding for the masses, if you are after a pudding that has a stronger or more complex flavour then look elsewhere.

I would not purchase this again as there are plenty of better examples of black pudding that are able to be purchased.

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