Friday 10 July 2015

Black Pudding - Eastbourne Village Meats

Black Pudding – Eastbourne Village Meats

Recently I purchased a black pudding Eastbourne Village Meats. I do enjoy black and white puddings, but as the whanau say, you just enjoy sausages. I consider that black pudding as a sausage style is much underrated and that many people would enjoy eating this particular variety of sausage if they tried it.


I cut the black pudding lengthwise and cooked it in the frying pan. I do like to be able to see chunks of ingredients in a sausage I eat. You could see lumps of maize and other elements in the sausage. When I tasted the pudding it was mild. The meatiness of the flavour was the initial sensation on the palate; this was then consumed by a mild heat. This black pudding was subtle in taste. It is not as peppery as other black puddings that I enjoy. Much like the beef and the pork and applecider snarlers in the previous reviews this is a black pudding that will be well liked. The flavours are mild and not over powering. I would buy this again.


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