Thursday 11 October 2012

Park Avenue Quality Meats

Park Avenue Quality Meats

It has been a couple of months since I started this blog. I wanted to operate under the radar and get a few posts up on the blog before I talked to any sausage makers. I went out to Naenae and visited Park Avenue Quality Meats. I had talked to the guy who runs the shop before, see the previous posts. I consider Gordon to be the premier sausage maker in Wellington. He and I have similar tastes. As I have stated previously, this is a blog that pushes my views. I will make subjective judgements on my views on the quality of sausages I consume.

The shop is on High St, number 829. On the left hand side as you head up the Hutt Valley.

Gordon likes to make sausages that are spiced and smoky. His sausages have an Eastern European influence. He showed me a new salami he has started to make, it is from Yugoslavia, more specifically Croatia. Called kulen it is very nice to eat. Gordon was the really pleased to get the feedback from an older Croatian customer who said it was just like he remembered kulen tasting when he was a small boy in Croatia.  

Below is a picture of one of the sausage cabinets in the shop. You can see the kabonosy at the centre  back. Gordon tells me they sell about 30kg a week of this fantastic sausage. You can also see the kielbasa, and the kolbaz, a Hungarian sausage. The sremska are centre middle. For a highly spiced sausage sremska is the one I go for. I brought four of them, watch out for the review. They are too highly spiced for me to eat as a whole sausage, however in small pieces they are very pleasant. The other cabinet has the more traditional sausages. Apologies about the quality of the photo and the reflections, if you want a better image, the best thing to do is visit the shop.

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