Friday 30 November 2012

Smoked or lightly spiced?

Smoked or lightly spiced?

Today we had a visitor in our house. A ruru, or morepork, a New Zealand native owl. They are magnificent creatures. I have seen them in the wild when I have been running at dusk. They fly silently, their feathers have variegated edges, which means they can fly without sound. Good for the ruru, bad for the prey they hunt. I have been running through the bush a bit after dusk and  ruru have glided past me, settling on branches where I have been able to observe them from about two metres away. This was on Johnson Hill, above Karori. The ruru is in a room above our garage, it must have flown into the garage when left the side door open one night, up the stairs and into this room which is usually my wife's sewing room, but appears to be a multipurpose room, in that it is also a avairy.

However what place does a ruru have in a sausage blog? Well it has decided to camp with us, so if it stays I have some tough decisions to make. When transforming it into sausage, do I smoke the sausages or go for a more delicate flavour?  Thoughts?  

This ruru may be very intelligent. He has settled on a box of 4’n20 Pies. Although the ruru is not a blackbird, the flavour may be very similar.

Of course as the parent of 14 year old twin boys, there are more questions to consider. Has the owl from Hogwarts arrived for one of them? Have I fathered a wizard? As a child of a muggle one of them, or maybe both, will have a lot of learning to do in the new subjects of witchcraft and wizardry when the new school year starts.   

Addenda: The room above the garage has a narrow staircase up to the room. When we renovated it we put a door into one wall (probably against all building codes) so we could get furniture into the room. We left this door open, after dusk I went up to the room and our visitor had decamped. So there will not be a review of ruru suasages.

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