Sunday 14 July 2013

Island Bay Butchery launches web site

The Island Bay Butchery has a new, and thier first web site.  Now I claim to know a bit about the sausages produced in Wellington. However when you read the extensive list of awards won by this butcher, you know they are a quality shop.

In the various guises of the NZ Sausage Awards they have won five highly commended awards, ten bronze awards, eight silver and three gold, including the Supreme Award in 2012.  Over the period 2001-2012 this is a total of 26 awards, pretty impressive eh. My postings of 7 May 2013 and 24 November 2012 refer to the 2012 Supreme Award.

If you are keen on sausages go check out the shop. A word of warning - it is best to go early in the day. At the end of the day the sausage cabinet can look bare. The reason - they have sold heaps of sausages. Just as the early bird gets the worm, the early sausage buyer has the widest choice.

And if you can’t check out the shop, visit the website,

As for me I am going to put in an order for some champagne, veal and truffle sausages. They only make them every so often and you can order them via the site.

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