Tuesday 6 August 2013

Pork Bratwurst from Kerikeri

Pork Bratwurst from Kerikeri

This sausage was purchased from Churchill’s Butchers in Kerikeri while we were in the far north a few months ago. They came out of the freezer and were cooked recently. These are a pleasant sausage, with a nice meaty taste. There are signs of a herb flavouring that slightly adds to the piquant of the sausage. We also had some of Churchill’s black pudding, this is available for On Trays in Petone. See review.

If I lived in the far north I would buy these again. They are a run of the mill, better than average sausage. However compared with Park Ave’s Dutch braadwurst it is inferior. If you are looking for a great quality, reasonably priced meaty sausage in Wellington my view is you can not go past Park Avenue Quality Meat’s Dutch braadwurst. See the review of 9 January 2013.
For what ever reason the photos of the cooked suasages do not want to up load, so sorry no photo.
Cost per kilo: $16.95
And for those for read my blog regularly, we did get through the 6.5 earthquake, it was biggest quake I have experienced in my life, I am very pleased the epicentre was 70km away from Wellington. However we did lose a lamp that fell off the piano, books came off the bookcases too. However we were all fine, and he sausage stash in the freezer was untouched.


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