Sunday 9 February 2014

Secrets of a happy relationship

Secrets of a happy relationship

Charles Bullock was a wise man. In his seminal book Courtship and Marriage, published in 1899 he identifies the seriousness of this issue with the story of a man who was sued for breach of promise when he broke off his engagement. The potential wife seemed suitable enough until the Sausage Incident.

"One night, he went to her place where she was staying, and took a pound of sausages for supper. I will not say she ‘made a hash’ of them: but she made such a bungling mess in cooking the hungry swain’s sausages, that, from that moment, he began to draw in, and think, ‘If she can’t cook a pound of sausages nicely, what sort of wife will she make?’ And gave her up."

Any reasonable person would agree that a relationship needs to be founded on the ability to cook a quality sausage. Enough said.

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