Monday 21 April 2014

Gipps St Butcher's Pork Sausage

Gipps St Butcher's Pork Sausage

I was passing Gipps St Butchers on a Saturday around midday. I decided to pop in. I do not think I have visited this shop for about a year. It is in a back street in Karori, a bit off the beaten track. It has the feel of a proper, or as some people would say a traditional butcher’s shop. There were about six people in shop. All the customers had a chat with the butcher about the meat they were buying, tips for cooking were dispensed. This was good old fashioned service. Not fast, but with a focus on the customer and getting the best out of the meat being brought.

I brought a small sample of three types of sausage. These were cooked up after a Sunday morning run. By 1pm all the sausages had disappeared. In our house a quality sausage will not last long. This review is of the pork sausage.

Pork Sausages:

These are a plain pork sausage. This is not the kind of sausage I would normally buy. It is a medium grind sausage, it cooked up nicely. A bit of sausage meat oozed out of the casing during cooking. A nice level of caramelisation added the flavour. For people who like a nice pork banger they will enjoy this quality sausage. Young kids would love this sausage.
So I recommend that if you are the back streets of Karori, check out the friendly team, and the sausages at Gipp St Butchers.

Cost per kilo: $18.95

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