Tuesday 15 July 2014

Spanish Chorizo - Jonathan's, Collingwood

Spanish Chorizo - Jonathan's, Collingwood 
The third review from my visit to Jonathan’s butchers of Collingwood. Refer to the previous posts.

These were a solid chunky sausages. One was larger than the others and could almost be a meal by itself, if one was a smaller eater. However I do not fit into this category.

I am a fan of chorizo style sausage, and this is a good example of chorizo. On the continuum of chorizo reviewed, this is a moderately flavoured chorizo that gets the balance between meat and flavour right. The paprika and chilli enhance and complement the flavour of the meat, but they do not overpower it. This sausage is a medium to coarse grind.

By the time this sausage was served we were onto the third snarler. My wife thought it was very tasty and would work really well in a paella, risotto or soup. I would have to agree.

As the third and final review from Jonathan’s the conclusion I reached was that this is a butcher who knows how to make superior sausages. My view is good cuts of meat, fresh herbs and spices, along with love go into making these sausages.

The restaurants of Melbourne also vote with their menus. Over 100 restaurants have Jonathan’s sausages on the menu. If you are on the hunt for quality snarlers in Melbourne, I would highly recommend going to Smith St, Collingwood and trying a few snags from Jonathan’s. Well worth the visit. 

Cost per kilo: AUD $22.99
And as an addenda here is a shot of all the snarlers prior to cooking.

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