Tuesday 1 July 2014

Toulouse Sausages - The Fridge, New Plymouth

Toulouse Sausages – The Fridge, New Plymouth

These sausages were the second style of sausage I brought on my recent quick sojourn to the Naki, see link. I may be a sausage obsessive (and my kids do take the mickey on occasion), however I do consider that I can recognise a quality sausage by look and feel. When I unpacked these and cooked them for dinner I had very high expectations and I am pleased to report that these expectations were met.

These are a free range pork sausage. Added to the pork is salt, fresh garlic and parsley. Flecks of fresh parsley can be seen in the coarsely ground meat. The sausages have a chunky feel and look as you cut or bite into them. The garlic and parsley flavours complement each other. They combine to make a great tasting sausage. The chunkiness of the sausage also adds to the appeal. The sausage has good body and the tactile sensation in the mouth adds to this sausage’s allure. I really enjoyed the aroma, great taste and sensation of eating this sausage. I would heartily recommend this sausage.

The boys also enjoyed these sausages and made favourable comments.

Next time I am in New Plymouth, I will definitely be paying this butchery another visit.

Cost per kilo: $22.50

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