Monday 24 September 2012

Black Pudding at Dockside

Black Pudding at Dockside

We were invited to a friend’s 50th birthday lunch at Dockside. This was on Saturday. What a fantastic day. No wind, bright sunshine, warm spring temperatures. It was a leisurely lunch with no kids. They would have been itching to move on after a period of time, well before we would have been ready. Great weather, even better company. We were there for four hours and when we got back to car there was a present on the windscreen, a parking ticket. No worries it was worth the small price to exceed the parking time.

The group ordered a platter to start. It had tasty morsels of chorizo as part of a wide array of quality food. Lots of nice seafood. A good start.

For the main I ordered black pudding with sautéed potatoes and spinach, tomato relish, fresh egg and hollandaise sauce. To be blunt; I was underwhelmed. This was a very average dish. The black pudding was like sausage meat, well it is sausage meat, to put a positive description, I would describe the taste as delicate and refined. The sautéed potatoes and spinach were nice and well done. I thought the egg lacked flavour.

So a great lunch that could have been better if the food matched the quality of the conversation and weather.

As we left we remarked how wonderful it was to have lunch without the kids. The leisurely, unhurried approach to lunch, without children is something we have not done for a long time.  

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