Sunday 9 September 2012

Meat and Three Veg

Mediterranean Lamb and Continental Garlic Sausages

Two reviews today.

Both are from the Island Bay Butchery. Dinner was sausage and three vege. Time to let the culinary fare run wild.

The Mediterranean Lamb sausages are thin and long. They taste great and have a medium texture. They have coriander; one of my favourite herbs, and cinnamon to complement the flavour of the lamb. I have asked what else in the sausage, the response I received from the butcher was, “Only the boss knows the secret ingredients.” Maybe there is a line in marketing these sausages as 11 secret herbs and spices.    

And of course every review gets a mention of the kids view on these sausages. They will eat them but not all that keen. So you know what that means, more for me.

Cost per kilo: $19.95

The Continental Garlic sausages are the size of a breakfast sausage. When cooking these sausages a lot of fat come out. Too much for my liking. You should never pierce the skin of the sausage while cooking. The fat helps the sausage to cook and enhances the flavour.

The Continental Garlic sausage is a finely ground sausage. The primarily flavour is garlic, these are a great everyday sausage to eat.

The kids prefer these and they all disappeared.

Cost per kilo: $19.95

And the serving of the meal is pictured at the beginning of the this post. Although I like food I would not class myself as a gastronome. I have advanced on how my mother, now in her eighties, would have served this meal. She would have boiled all the vege, for a long time, and then served. One of my friends attended cooking classes at a local restaurant, one tip to making quality mashed potatoes was to put the drained potatoes back on heat for 30 seconds to remove more moisture from the pot. I now do this and with the butter, milk and pepper for flavour it makes good mash.

An aside: The best mashed potato I have ever had was at Ortega Fish Shack. It was fantastic.  

The carrots had honey added at the end. The broccoli was served fresh from the pot.

The family enjoyed the meal.


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