Wednesday 9 January 2013

Chorizo Criollo

Chorizo Criollo
Refer to the previous post: While in the shop, I also brought two Chorizo Criollo. I was considering having them with dinner, however when I got home I cooked them and before I knew it both the sausages had been eaten. They were good eating, flavoured with red wine, paprika and oregano. The paprika makes these spicy, but on the continuum of flavour created by Park Ave Quality Meats these are a medium spiced sausage. The texture is coarse, you can see the small lumps of meat that make up the sausage. These sausages would improve in flavour if they were eaten cold. However my two sausages were not given this opportunity.

Cost per kilo: $34.99

Extra: June 2013. These sausages are my current favourites. A bit of a kick when you eat them, great to eat cold for lunch the following day. Mmmmm.... just great eating. Pop into Park Avenue Quality Meats and buy a few, it is a great investment.

Enjoy the eating.

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