Sunday 8 June 2014

A Dish Dinner Party

A Dish Dinner Party

Last night we hosted a Dish Dinner Party. The guests had to make a recipe for a copy of the latest Dish Magazine. This was organised through Wellington Foodies. We anticipated eight courses, however a late withdrawal due to sickness meant only six were served on the night, which proved to be just the right number. Each person also matched a wine with their contribution.

The menu is below.
Dish Dinner Party

Saturday 7 June 2014

At Northland
Cauliflower Croquettes by Tyron

Portuguese Seafood Soup with Saffron Potatoes by Don

Chicken on Sourdough Croutons with herb & caper sauce by Jan

Potato Latkes with Apple Sauce and Crème Fraiche by Lucy

Cauliflower Salad by Sue

Spanish Rice with Chorizo & Prawns by Marian

Baked Brown Sugar & Baileys Caramel Custards by Philippa

Spiced Pear & Chocolate Pudding by Miriam

This concept is a great way to sample many dishes and determine what you may wish to cook yourself. I cooked the Portuguese seafood soup and saffron potatoes. This was relatively easy to make and tasted good. I will make this again.

Naturally I was really interested in the Spanish rice with chorizo and prawns. Marian, who made the dish, commented on the ease of making it which means it ticks the first box in my cooking repertoire. The next determinant is what does it taste like? This was a very good dish - the arborio rice is complemented with spicy tang of chorizo and sweetness of the prawns. Cherry tomatoes, garlic, oregano and parsley also add to the complexity of flavours in the dish. Marian used Primo chorizo which she purchased at New World. I would have preferred a chorizo with a bit more zing in flavour and when I make this again I will use my old favourite chorizo criollo, see link, or maybe a very nice Argentinian chorizo, see link.

The evening was very pleasant with good company and fine conversation, with a bit of a focus on the food. Eating fine food in relaxed convivial atmosphere is a great way to spend an evening. I will look forward to having a go at making the Spanish rice with chorizo and prawns.

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