Monday 23 June 2014

Coconut and Curry Sausages - Eastbourne Village Meats

Coconut and Curry Sausages – Eastbourne Village Meats

I was in Eastbourne recently and thought I would purchase some more Louisiana Reds, see link. However, the butcher informed me that they did not have any. They did have some curry and coconut sausages on display, so I thought let’s buy some of these and give them a try instead.

These are hearty big sausages. They are pork sausages and made with coconut cream and curry. When smelling them prior to cooking you could smell the aroma of the meat, this dominated the spices.

They cooked up nicely. There was a little oozing from the end of the casing. This sausage is a fine to medium grind. On my palate I could not detect the coconut and the curry is slight and not particularly pronounced. I cooked these as a pre dinner snack. Three of them disappeared and I took one to work for lunch the following day.

The boys said they were ok, but they liked other sausages better. I would agree with this sentiment. We all agreed that a nice Louisiana Red is the sausage of choice from the Eastbourne Village Meats, so far.

Cost per kilo $17.95

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