Sunday 6 July 2014

Bavarian Weisswurst - Polish Deli

Bavarian Weisswurst - Polish Deli

I purchased these two sausages from the Polish Deli at the Victoria Market. I purchased them because it is a different sausage, and one that I have not eaten before. The people selling the sausages were informative and willing to engage in a conversation about sausage. There was big difference between this and the owners of the Big Vic Deli. They told me that the weisswurst was made by Andrew’s Choice, which is a specialist butcher in Melbourne.

Traditionally weisswurst was made early in the day and eaten as a sausage with lunch. In pre refrigeration days the sausage could go off by nightfall. This sausage is made with pork, veal and parsley.

This is a delicate tasting sausage, with flavours that are subtle and subdued. It is ground to a very fine consistency. It was very moist and wet when I ate the sausage. It has just a very faint hint of parsley is on the palate.

This was a different and interesting sausage to eat. It was served with pork and fennel sausage and all family members preferred the pork and fennel. While this sausage did not rise to great heights, it is a sausage that would work in a dish with flavours that would enhance and complement the taste of the veal and pork.

Cost: AUD $4.85 – 2 sausages

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