Monday 22 September 2014

A Potential Minister of Snarlers?

A potential Minister of Snarlers?

The general election delivered a decisive result, and the National Party increased its share of the vote as it went into a third term. In the Hutt South Electorate the new comer Chris Bishop, pushed the long serving Labour MP Trevor Mallard hard. Mr Mallard won with a greatly reduced majority on election night of around 300 votes.

Chris Bishop was placed high on the National Party list and comes into Parliament as a list MP. Congratulations to Chris.

This sausage blog leads the political pack in predicting a potential future Minister of Snarlers.

I am friends with Chris Bishop’s parents. I remember him as a young boy who would devour many sausages at barbeques at our place. He was proud that he could eat the same number of sausages as his age. In those days we didn’t have kids and he was one of the few ankle biters attending. Plenty of food, including quality sausages for a hungry boy. He had a great appetite for sausages then, and now as an MP he can influence the goings on of the country, I would offer him as a future Cabinet Minister, the Minister of Snarlers.

Watch other political blogs to see if they also recognise this latent talent….

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