Sunday 28 September 2014

The Secret Life of David Cunliffe

The secret life of David Cunliffe

Steve Braunias columnist for the Sunday Star Times has an intimate relationship with David Cunliffe, leader of the Labour Party. As many readers will be aware the Labour Party received its lowest vote in our recent election since 1919.  As the leader of the party who garnered the lowest Labour vote in nearly a century carnage is raining down and David is besieged by his political foes. Steve Braunias knows many personal details of David’s current life, including the contents of his fridge, and it’s good of him to share these with us.

It is also good see that David patronises the local butcher close to his Herne Bay home, Westmere Butchery. This butchery business has won five gold medals in recent years at the Devro NZ Sausage Awards.  Last year when I was judge at these awards I was on the same panel as Dave Rossiter, owner of this business. He is a man who appreciates, and also can make, a great sausage.

So my advice to David Cunliffe is this - if you are looking for a new job in a few weeks’ time, you obviously have skills and the ability to recognise quality snarlers. There may be a new career awaiting you as a sausage connoisseur.  

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